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personal: eye of the beholder
 do you like the way your vagina looks?
For the record, the vagina is actually the canal inside. What I think of as the face of the vagina—the lips, the clitoris, the clitoris' hood, etc. all the parts you can see—that is called the vulva. So, this questionnaire is about how you feel about how your vulva looks. [see vulva diagram] though I can't help but ask the question as: do you like the way your vagina looks? because that's what I've always called it...although, that's changing...—Alexandra

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do you like the way your vagina looks? go into some detail about what you do or don't like about it.

I've always liked the way mine has looked. I am biracial and the outer labia are the color of my skin - a light tan, while my inner labia are brown. They are smallish and thin, but he left side is slighter larger stretchier, and longer on the upper part of the inner labia. On the outer part however, I have a very fatty pubic mound. Sometimes I like to shave the outer lips because it feels smooth and sensuos against my panties. Most of the time, I just keep it trimmed. I am terrified of waxing. My hair is soft and sort of wavy. I think that is pretty and I love that it looks almost like an exotic plant with the contrasts of tan, brown and pink.

have you seen many other women's vaginas? in photographs or live? where did you see them? did you compare yours to theirs? what did you think?

  I've seen many vulvas in books and on the internet. I looked to see if there were any like mine and was amazed at all the variations. I find vuvla art very interesting and liberatng - whether it be actual TASTEFUL photos, sketches, paintings, in full color or in black/gray/white. It makes me feel good about my own. I saw a portion of my mother's once by accident when she was getting dressed when I was young. Her inner labia kind of hung down outside of the outer and past her hair and were thick and reddish. I think its neat that everyone's vulva aren't the same - our faces aren't either.

how old are you? was this the first time you took a good look at your vagina? – if it is the first time, did you expect it to look the way it does? how often do you typically look at it? when was the first time you looked at it?

  I am 32 and I think that I was about 8 or 9 when I first checked mine out. My mother had given me a book about puberty and I was comparing it to the picture. (I still didn't figure the whole clitoris thing out until I was about 18 or 19 though). I look at my vagina often because I like to admire it and notice changes at different times.

have your lovers told you what they think about how your vagina looks? what did they tell you? did you ask them, or did they offer?

  In high school, I had a boyfriend that, although he never looked at my vulva, touched it often and remarked on how he liked my fat, juicy pussy. I had another boyfriend when I was about 19 who told me that my clitoris was too small and that was proof of why I couldn't orgasm for him (what a jerk - I don't know if my clit is small or not, but it works just fine now!!) I had another boyfriend at 20-21 yrs old who I had also dated in high school. Us now being adults, he was more interested in what I looked like down there. He was also biracial and wanted to know if my vulva/vagina was more like that of a white gril or of a black girl. He had no preference to either, but he just wanted to see. From what I remember, he found it to be a combination (whatever that is supposed to mean). This was a neutral experience - neither negative or positive. - By the way - his penis looked like a penis - not specifically black or white, but somewhere between. Not a surprise. I've told my husband when we first married (I was 23, and he 30) that I think my vagina is pretty and asked him what he thought - his response was "I don't want to look, all vaginas are ugly" "Not mine, I think its pretty" is what I said. He's a jerk, too.

this conversation makes me think...

  I think that every woman should find something beautiful in her own. If you don't like yours, try and find one thing about it the appeals to you - the shape, the color, the texture - and concentrate on that instead of what you think is unattractive. Wouldn't it be neat to have a vulva lineup and see if your mate could pick you out by sight? I don't think that I 'm carefree enough to do it, but it's a fun idea.

 do you like the way your vagina looks?

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do you like the way your vagina looks?

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