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my earliest memory of my vagina is...

  Somewhere between ages 4 and 8, noticing my mother as she changed clothes, and thinking about the differences between her "place" and mine. A few years later, in the tub, was the first time I masturbated, although I didn't know what I was doing at the time.

when I was little, my mother told me...

  Absolutely nothing. I can't imagine what my parents were thinking.

when my friends and I first talked about our vaginas...

  We didn't, at least not directly. Occasionally we would talk about touching ourselves "down there", but for the most part, it was a taboo subject.

when I got my first period...

  I'd rather not discuss it.

the first time I shared my vagina with someone else...

  Aside from playing with other girls (I'll show you if you show me), I never have, and probably never will. I've never even been been kissed. Pathetic, right? I'm somewhat homely, and the guys I've been attracted to have never showed any interest in me. Then again, neither have the guys I don't find attractive. At a certain point, I decided if no one wanted me, then I wouldn't need them. A person can live without ever having sex, can't they? Masturbation will just have to be enough.

what I told/would tell my daughter about her vagina...

I don't plan on ever having children, but I would strive to let her know she can ask me about absolutely anything. I would try to be honest, open, and balanced. I would not shy away from sexual topics or use terms like "dirty" about those subjects, nor derogatory terms like "slut" or "whore" for those who enjoy sex. These things were the only things my mother ever tought me about sex (albeit indirectly). These occurances were rare, but without any other information, they were what stuck in my mind. I love my mom, and she did a lot of things right in raising me, but the idea of sex still feels vaguely dirty to me, despite logic pointing to the contrary. I would never want my child to feel that way, not for a second.

this conversation makes me think...

Of how badly I need therapy, lol. Really, I'm not as screwed up as I sound.

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