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women's first-time vagina story

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my earliest memory of my vagina is...

  Elementary school. Masturbation.

when I was little, my mother told me...

  Nothing. She still doesn't talk about it.

when my friends and I first talked about our vaginas...

  I don't think we ever have.

when I got my first period...

  I was in the 6th grade. It wasn't anything embarrasing. I was at home and I yelled for my mom. She told me to put on a pad and that was that.

the first time I shared my vagina with someone else...

  I think it was with my friend in elementary school. We used to touch ourselves together but I really wanted to touch her. I felt very awkward like I was doing something wrong but when I was in the moment, nothing mattered.

what I told/would tell my daughter about her vagina...

I don't think I'd tell her anything. She needs to figure it out on her own.

this conversation makes me think...

I am glad that this site exsists. People need to be open with their thoughts and feelings.

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