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women's first-time vagina story

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my earliest memory of my vagina is...

  i think i always kind of ignored that i had a vagina when i was younger. i don't even know that i knew i had one. once i started my period i hated, not necessarily my vagina, but my uterus, which is still an issue i have. i really would love to just be sterilized. years after that i actually "discovered" my vagina and began masturbating and understanding it better.

when I was little, my mother told me...

  we never really had any major sex talk. my dad was the one who told me what sex was in the second grade after i asked him and probably embarassed him. my mom told me a lot later about what the "egg whites" in my underwear were because i didn't understand what was coming out of me.

when my friends and I first talked about our vaginas...

  i don't think when i was younger i had friends who were comfortable enough to talk about their vaginas. we may have talked about periods. now i have a very close friend and we talk about everything from periods to shaving to masturbating and sex. she's the only one i can talk to that much about my vagina and not feel uncomfortable. i also love to encourage girls i know to masturbate if they don't already.

when I got my first period...

  i first started my period in the fifth grade. i went downstairs in the morning and tried to tell my mom and she announced it in front of everyone and i hated her for it. later my grandmother came home with a book for me called "the period book" which horrified me. the first page i flipped to showed a girl with a mirror in between her legs. now i think it's pretty funny.

the first time I shared my vagina with someone else...

  ...was last summer. it's my cousin's best friend while i was on vacation. we moved pretty fast, but i felt safe and didn't mind one bit. he did not give me an orgasm, but with a little work i'm sure he could. it was good, even without the orgasm, to explore each other. he's the only one i trust with my vagina besides myself. i'm going crazy without him.

what I told/would tell my daughter about her vagina...

i would tell my daughter that her vagina is hers and that she should feel free to masturbate and she should never be ashamed of it. so many women don't masturbate, which is crazy to me because not only is is pleasuring, it's also healthy and really reduces the pains of your period. i would also tell her never to try to make her vagina not smell like a vagina. that's what it's supposed to smell like.

this conversation makes me think...

...about the women who don't know their bodies and how i hope they eventually "discover" themselves one day.

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