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my earliest memory of my vagina is...

  being about four years old and exploring it with my mother's hand mirror while my parents were outside working in the garden.

when I was little, my mother told me...

  ... nothing, really. it's not that she's shy, but i think she just figured i would learn about it soon enough. my gramma just told me never to let anyone touch me there.

when my friends and I first talked about our vaginas...

  i don't really remember. i'm sure it was with my best friend, though. i drew mine, and she liked it so much she asked me to draw hers.

when I got my first period...

  i was 11. it was at school, and when i came home i told my mother and she and my gramma cried about the fact that i had "become a woman", and my mother wrote an entire page on it and put it in my baby book. yeah... so she's kind of a hippie. LOL

the first time I shared my vagina with someone else...

  was in february, actually! LOL i'm 21 and i've always been uneasy about sex, for some reason. but i lost my virginity in february, and what was so cool about the whole experience was that the guy - who was actually one of my best friends - was so fascinated by it, and his fascination erased all my self-consciousness.

what I told/would tell my daughter about her vagina...

that no matter what people say about it ("it's nasty/it smells/whatever), it's nothing to be ashamed of, and no two vaginas look alike!

this conversation makes me think...

of virginity loss and when i drew mine.

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